Colossal Public Speaking | Discover the Hidden Public Speaking Secrets that Even Most Experts Don't Know About....
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Colossal Public Speaking | Discover the Hidden Public Speaking Secrets that Even Most Experts Don’t Know About….

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Discover the Hidden Public Speaking Secrets that Even Most Experts Don’t Know About….

Dear Fellow Public Speaking Enthusiast,

Lets face it.
Public speaking is tough. You know that it is something you really want to do
(and in some cases HAVE to do) but despite that you just cannot seem to get the
confidence to do so. And I’m not just referring to speaking to a large

It can be something as simple as talking to one other human being whom you desire to impress (e.g. if you’re a single man who is afraid of talking to women, or you’re an employee who wants to present an idea to your boss but cannot bring yourself to do it). It doesn’t matter, it’s still the same problem. No matter if your audience is 1 or 1,000,000. If you’re currently too shy to speak to them, you’re in the right place here…

The chances
are, that you’ve read a number of books (or watched videos) on public speaking
and maybe even thought that some of them were quite good. But despite that,
you’re still the shy introvert you’ve always been and are no closer to your
goal. (If you’re new to public speaking then that’s fine too.)

The reason
that you’ve visited this site today is because you’re fed up of not getting
anywhere with your public speaking efforts and you’re looking for something new
to answer that glaring problem.

The sad truth is, that very few people will ever become great public speakers, or indeed any kind of speaker, and here are just some of the reasons why:

How do I know
all of this?

My name is James Greenward and for as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a big problem with shyness. This continued into my early adulthood, when I had a job in an office. I was quite good at my job and had many great ideas.

But the
problem was, that I could never explain them to anyone. Whenever I tried, I
always became tongue tied, making myself look quite silly and of course
gradually losing more and more confidence.

That all changed one day though, when a visitor came to the office and delivered a fantastic speech. which had the entire office in awe. After he had finished, I walked up to him and told him that he was a very gifted speaker, his response was…

“Nope. It’s not a gift that I was born with, It’s a skill that I learned over the years”

Brilliant I
thought. So it’s not just something you either can or can’t do, but you can
actually learn how to do it.

So what did I do? Well of course I did what every logical person would do. Go to the book store (I wasn’t that well acquainted with Amazon back then) and look for every “how to” guide on public speaking that I could find.

I would buy a
book, read it, put it on the shelf, and then buy another, then the same process
would happen again and again. Don’t get me wrong. Many of these books contained
great information but there was still one problem.

I wasn’t
getting anywhere.

I learned a
lot, but I was still no better at speaking than I was before. I knew what I was
supposed to do, but I still couldn’t do it. I would still worry about
humiliating myself, and was still yet to be able to share my ideas with my boss
and colleagues.

I kept on
reading book after book trying to find that missing piece of the puzzle, but I
kept on failing to get any better.

If you’ve been
studying public speaking for any length of time now, then I’m guessing that so
far, your story is not that much different to mine. (If you’re new to public
speaking then that’s no problem, in fact, it could be somewhat of an advantage).

It frustrates
the hell out me, that there are people out there who will just keep on buying
more and more public speaking courses but will never achieve the success they
desire. Which is why I have developed a system which will help you to break
that vicious cycle and start actually achieving success.

I’m now going to reveal to you, why you’ve so far had no success with any of your public speaking efforts

I’m about to
tell you something that you may not want to hear, but please understand that if
you want to become the great public speaker you’ve always dreamed of, you must
know this…

If you
continue down the same route of just reading as many books on public speaking
as possible, trying to look for that magic solution, then it’s extremely
unlikely that you will ever get anywhere with your public speaking efforts. NO
matter how hard you try.

If you disagree with that, then just ask yourself this question. How come you’re not already a great public speaker? You’ll probably just think up some answers like….

This is just what I used to say to myself all the time. And this is the one big reason why you have not yet achieved success.

How then did I
ever become successful with public speaking despite the fact that what I did
was getting me nowhere?

Do you want to
know what changed and why I actually started becoming successful at speaking?
So that I can share this secret with you? What did I discover?

Well actually
I never found that missing piece of the puzzle. Because it was never the

The problem
was not something I lacked…but something I had.

Okay let me ask you do something right now. Close your eyes and imagine yourself speaking to an audience.

Well how about
this? Offer to go out to a venue somewhere and speak to an audience.

Easy? (If you said yes to that, then maybe you don’t need to read on after all)

How many
reasons have you got for saying NO to the second instruction. Do you know why
you’re giving yourself those reasons?

Well that’s your ego talking. I could write pages on what the ego actually is, but for now I will just share the basics with you.

Your ego is
basically the voice inside your head which makes you worry about what others
think of you.

It’s a mind
virus (well actually it’s many) which has been strengthened over the years, and
is what’s trying it’s best to keep you where you are.

You’ll notice
that I said “over the years“. Meaning that it’s wasn’t
that way when you were younger.

about the mindset of a baby.
Do they ever worry about looking stupid in front of people?

What does this
mean to you? Well remember that you were once one yourself, which means that
you were once not afraid of what others thought of you. Of course you’ll now be
saying to yourself something like:

“But I didn’t have any knowledge of social status or
faux pas back then”

Well that’s
correct, but what you don’t yet realise, is that it’s this constant worry of
fitting in, which is hindering your success.

Please watch this short video which will show you some of the ways in which your ego is sabotaging your public speaking efforts.

Think of some
of the most successful people on this planet. Do they worry about what others
think of them?

NO, at least
not to a significant degree. Do you think that may be at least part of the
reason for their success? The answer is most definitely YES!!

This nasty
mind virus is what has stopped you from being successful at public speaking
(also in many other areas of your life for that matter) and will continue to do
so, if you carry on going down the same route.

Don’t worry though. You’re not out of the game yet…


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To Your Success!

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