How To Forgive Yourself - The Magic Of Forgiveness
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How To Forgive Yourself – The Magic Of Forgiveness

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Product Name: How To Forgive Yourself – The Magic Of Forgiveness


People make mistakes. Because we’re human.
It’s what we do.

We’re supposed to make mistakes! That’s how we learn about life and develop character and personal depth. That’s how we become wise. That’s why we’re here in the first place.

But for most people, making mistakes is not okay. Instead, they beat themselves up every time they do something wrong.

Mistakes become a source of shame and a justification for self-punishment.

Is There Something Wrong With Being Human?

Many people think so. Here’s the logic they use:

“There’s something wrong with making mistakes.”

“But I do make mistakes.” (Because I’m human!)

“Therefore, there’s something wrong with me.”

So the very fact that I’m human means there’s something wrong with me.

Do you see the problem here?

If I believe these stories, then I can’t possibly win. I’m guaranteed to lose. Which means I’ll never feel good enough. I’ll never think I deserve. And I’ll probably never let myself have much happiness. Instead, I’ll go around beating myself up and putting myself down.

Just for being human! For being who I am.

Is this really the way you want to live your life? In a no-win situation?

Take it from me, it’s no fun. I used to feel like I was living with a jagged metal spike stuck through my heart. I was the one who put it there, but I had no idea at the time what was going on.

What’s wrong with me?

That question was always on my mind, as I tried to make it through the day.. so I could try to make it through the next day. It still scares me how close I came to ending it all.

Those days are long gone. At this point, they don’t even haunt me anymore. Actually, life is pretty good. It could be better. But it’s good enough.

What Turned Things Around?

The first secret I learned was how to handle my emotions. Maybe ‘handle’ isn’t the right word. Actually, it’s more like ‘surfing’ my emotions. Letting them wash through me, without getting caught up in them.

I learned all emotional pain comes from not letting your emotions flow through you. It occurs when you block your emotions because you don’t – or can’t – or won’t – feel them. Which always starts early in life.

If you’re not familiar with this flow, then you might want to read my free e-book and listen to my free guided meditation that will take you directly to your emotional wellspring.

I’m not saying it’s a piece of cake to all of a sudden start opening up the emotional flow. It’s not. It’s tough at first. But the longer you put it off, the worse it’s gonna be.

Don’t wait too long to heal your emotional pain.


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