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Product Name: Vocal Eze™


Vocal Eze™ was created for vocalists who were constantly straining their voices but
had to perform anyway. Originally developed in 2001, it was created with national recording
artists who were looking for a reliable and portable way to maintain their vocal health on and
off the road. Creating a natural throat spray that was powerful and effective began with a
well-known wellness coordinator who traveled with bands such as Linkin Park, Earth, Wind and
Fire, and Tim McGraw. The all-herbal formula that was once only available to artists in the know
to soothe overused and strained throats has now been made available to the public in limited,
hand-crafted batches.

Vocal Eze™ supports a healthy vocal response by using 8 botanical ingredients and NO harsh
chemicals, NO artificial flavoring or fillers, and NO preservatives.

Just Take Our Word For It…

Singer – Grammy Nomination “Best Female Pop Vocal” and “Best New Artist”

Vocal Eze™
smoothes out my voice. It helps me to get through a show when my voice is really hurting, but without numbing it. I always keep it close by when I perform.”

Singer and Grammy Award Winner

“What I love about Vocal Eze™
is that it is a great lubricant for the throat. It stays with me once I use it – whether in concert or the recording studio.”

Vocal Eze™ is trusted by the pros…

Here are the Natural and Soothing Ingredients in Vocal Eze™…

Is known to be an anti-bacterial and anti-viral immune stimulant. It can help protect tissue and keeps the white blood cells alert in order to protect the throat. It also can help to keep your throat lubricated by stimulating saliva flow.*

Is known to be a powerful respiratory anti-viral plant. It can also promote bronchio-dilation (warming the lungs by increasing blood supply), as well as soothe and protect the throat.*

is suggested to be a warming, circulatory stimulant to the respiratory tract. It may help increase secretions to prevent dryness.*

Can be a strong systemic anti-inflammatory and immune stimulant.*

Has been known to help remove mucus from the lungs. It can soothe and relax the bronchial tubes.*

Can be a powerful anti-bacterial nutrient that protects the throat like a force field. It also may soothe and coat the throat and can add immune support*

Can aid in healing and repairing when ingested. This ancient Egyptian plant’s properties can support body wellness and boost youthful fervor.*

Vocal Eze™
is made using high quality distilled water, 100% free of chemicals like chlorine which are added to most water supplies.

If you perform for a living then your voice is your most valuable asset.
Give your best performance every time with Vocal Eze™.

Ingredients in Vocal Eze like Echinacea and ginger have been known to support immune health.

If you perform for a living then your voice is your most valuable asset.
Give your best performance every time with Vocal Eze™.

Ingredients in Vocal Eze like Echinacea and ginger have been known to support immune health.

Singer of the band Matchbox Twenty and Three-time Grammy Award Winner

“Some nights, the difference between me making it through a show or not is Vocal Eze™

Star of Art of War, Maxwell Bright and Date Movie

“As an actress & voice-over artist, my voice is my asset. The idea of vocal damage is permanent and terrifying — Vocal Eze™
is a great preventative measure in avoiding vocal damage and maintaining vocal health. Vocal Eze™
instantly soothes a stressed-out throat.”

Trust Vocal Eze™

It’s as easy as a couple of sprays on your throat…quick and oh, so refreshing!

No alcohol or other harsh chemicals are used in Vocal Eze™ so it’s safe to use every single day!

All with natural ingredients that taste great!

Why Vocal Eze™ is the BEST Throat Spray on the Market

Great honey tasting herbal ingredients

Vocal Eze™ is 99% alcohol free and 3rd party tested

It was created for performers by performers

It supports your overall vocal health and can keep you performing at your best*

Easy to use ‘spray & go’ protection on or off the road

100% Iron-Clad Satisfaction Guarantee

We’ve taken the tricks out of Money Back Guarantee’s. If you simply don’t love your Vocal Eze, send us back the
bottle and we will reimburse you the total amount including the shipping. Done and done. Visit our
Shipping & Returns page
or to process a refund, email support@vocaleze.com.

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No, Vocal Eze™
only contains natural plant-based ingredients. There’s no alcohol or other harmful chemicals that you often find in other throat sprays. The ingredients for Vocal Eze™
are natural and simply proven to support your vocal chords, reduce strain, and provide the long-term vocal protection you need.

A proprietary blend of Marshmallow root, Osha root, Licorice root, Echinacea purpurea root, Propolis, Echinacea purpurea flower, Ginger root, Echinacea augustifolia root, Echinacea purpurea seed. Other Ingredients: Aloe Vera Gel, Vegetable Glycerin, Wildflower Honey, Spring Water.

Vocal Eze™
was designed for musicians by musicians. Although it’s endorsed by multiple professional musicians, it works great for anyone who depends on their voice. Vocal Eze™
is used across the world by teachers, preachers, speakers, and even sales reps. Anyone can benefit from the support and protection that Vocal Eze™

Currently, you can purchase Vocal Eze™
in several music stores around the country, but if you would like the most convenient way and most affordable way to purchase the spray, then this is the site to do it on.

Yes, musicians like Rob Thomas, Joss Stone, Tim McGraw, Zac Brown and many others use and recommend Vocal Eze™

Vocal Eze™
is all natural and provides lubrication and protection to your vocal chords. You can use Vocal Eze™
as often as you like and there are no negative side effects or long-term health concerns.

We recommend that you spray 1-2 times into the throat as needed. Spray more frequently when in need or before lecturing, singing, or speaking. A brief tingling sensation will be quickly replaced by a pleasant, soothing feeling. Vocal Eze™
should be sprayed as often as necessary to eliminate dryness. As is the case with hand lotion or lip balm, over-dosing is not a concern. If the dryness, irritation, or hoarseness persists for more than a few days – or if there are any signs of infection – a physician should be consulted.

Of course. We know once you use Vocal Eze™
, you’ll be immediately impressed at just how powerful, yet soothing it is for your voice. That’s why we’re offering a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you’re not in love with Vocal Eze™
, simply send your bottle back; and we’ll provide you with a full refund – no questions asked! Click here to read our full return policy.

We’ll process your order the same day we receive it to ensure you get your Vocal Eze™
shipment as quickly as possible.


I have mild allergy symptoms, mostly sinus drainage, that leave phlegm in my throat. Keeping this handy keeps my throat clean and my voice clear. Tastes good and works well. I use it often and run out too soon so this time I ordered two bottles. It really helps me to sing better! – By  the Rock from Buchanan Dam, TX

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

This stuff works. I’ve been playing bars and clubs since 1975. Over the years have tried many things, this Vocal Eze™ really saves your throat. Doesn’t taste great, but hey, your vocal chords will last for the entire gig. – By Karloff; from Sharptown, Md

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

I sing and play in a church praise band. I tend to stress my vocal chords when singing, especially the higher notes.

I was simply amazed the first time I used Vocal Eze™. The notes I was having trouble with came out loud and clear. Volume was much improved throughout my entire range. I usually use one or two squirts before each song. – By Uncle Milty from Katy, TX

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

This stuff is great! I love not having to play chemist or mad scientist with my vocal chords anymore! I have something that I know will work, and this product has me 100% satisfied! – ByVoiceOfTheFairies from Minneapolis, MN

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

I have Asthma and Allergies real bad and this product is the only one I found to help with my singing especially outdoors. I have gone to sing with a raspy voice and spray a couple of sprays and am clear and can sing for three hours with this spray. I only have to spray once an hour on a high pollen day and once every three on a clear day. Don’t really care for the taste but it works. – By Cowboy from Lebanon, Tenn

BOTTOM LINE Yes, I would recommend this to a friend

This product does just what it says it will. When I have been singing for a while and my voice begins to feel rough or start hurting, I just take this stuff and I am good to go. It is really a life saver during a show or performance. The only downside would be the taste, but whatever. It builds character. – By Steve-zkGbl from Colorado

My voice is naturally raspy which I like but it had gotten really raspy to almost gone 6 weeks go by and my voice was not coming back. I usually sing 35 tunes a night twice a week. But i was worried my days were over. I couldn’t sing 4 tunes without going out. I bought this spray as a last resort and it was amazing. I could feel the dryness of my throat disappearing and my voice is back. I’m gonna by 10 more bottles of this stuff today. – By The AliCat Project from TEXAS

Calling All Teachers!!!!!!

You have to tr this stuff! This is the best kept secret for teachers!! Why have I not heard of the pearl before? Just a couple of sprays though the day of endless lectures and you are more then good! You’ll be able to freely engage in after school activities that require just as much voice, like a two hour vocal recital? This stuff is amazing! – By O-oSPLa from NYC

I’m a teacher…this saves my life by 7th per.

I am a high school teacher and an amateur musician. I picked this product up at a local music store and started using it on long lecture days when my voice gets crushed. This stuff is great – has saved my life many a 7th period.

I heard Matchbox 20 uses it great for sore throats. I use it whether I am singing. – By kewlchick from Seattle

I ordered vocal eze a couple of weeks ago based on the reviews on this site. The first night I received it I had a show and cold. I have sang through my colds before but with this stuff it was so much easier. I hit notes that I haven’t hit for a long time. My schedule is pretty relentless and I don’t think I would make it through without this stuff. I used to sing three times a week and now I am up to 5 or 6. I used to need a day in between shows for recovery and now I don’t. Great product. – By Chris Jones from Omaha, NE

This stuff is spectacular. No cracks. Durability. Range. It keeps you from damaging your chords and actually has aloe in it to help repair. It doesn’t taste bad. After a few nights of using it, instead of tasting like marshmallow and garbage, it just tastes like marshmallow. I may be coming addicted. Just kidding. Anyways, it’s fantastic. – By Robb-v3M.5 from RI

It works even when your sick!

We had to play an important show in the freezing cold, and wouldn’t you know I got a respiratory infection 2 days before and could hardly talk. The doctor said I’d have to cancel. I refused to. So, I bought some of this from a local nature outlet. I sprayed 15 minutes before, during, and at the end of the show. It opened my pipes for the set, and after that I lost my voice again. It really worked. Try it sometime when your sick, you’ll see what I mean. – By Tokeloshe from Roanoke VA

Had a gig coming up and was having a bad case of hoarse throat. I knew I was in trouble and, I needed some help. Over the years of performing I have had to suffer with problems like these and, just live with them but, not anymore! All I can say is that it works for me and, thank God I finally found something that works. Taste is another issue, I told myself that if this stuff works I don’t care what it tastes like and, it’s not that bad. Try it for yourself, a lot of big name artists can’t be wrong. – By Kansas Rocker

Vocal-Eze saves the day!

I’m a vocalist as well as a fitness instructor and trade show coordinator so my vocal chords really take a beating. When a fellow vocalist recommended I try Vocal Eze™, at first I was skeptical. As soon as I tried Vocal Eze™ my skepticism turned to amazement! My vocal chords have never been so happy with me! In turn I recommended Vocal Eze™ to my trade show staff, who work the show floor and quite often come home voiceless. They were also amazed! The taste is a little unusual but I didn’t find it at all unpleasant. I buy it by the case now and save on the shipping by picking it up at my local Guitar Center where the friendly staff are always quick to retrieve my order and get me on my way. – By Steven Klinger

Super great value, no harshness, and actual works! Big relief!!!

I’ve tried many things as a singer for some ease of discomfort and harsh throat. This is by far one of the best sprays I have used. Plus it’s always great that it’s natural, right?! Most sprays I have tried have a really bad taste, and have even made my throat even more irritated. Probably because they had artificial ingredients. This stuff rocks. But this product is totally convenient and for the price has my purchase for the second time so far, and soon to be third. – By Britton N


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