wake up a warrior — Wake Up a Warrior

wake up a warrior — Wake Up a Warrior

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Product Name: wake up a warrior — Wake Up a Warrior


In depth video’s cover all content in great detail.

Even more content coming! As this course expands in the future you will get all the upgrades for free.

With homework and researched information.

Bonus Content is being added all the time with zero cost.

No waiting around. No shipping. Nothing to download except worksheets. Start on the course immediately.

Hang your certificate in a prominent place to remind yourself you are an action taker, not a procrastinator.

Powerful meditations, affirmations and visualisations.

Why – Change – Action – Repetition method used in this course to reinforce the learnings.

I have been a member of Kevin’s program for about 5 months now, and the positive changes I have seen within myself are amazing.
I no longer talk about doing new things, things which may make me slightly (or more!) uncomfortable, but I actually DO them, complete with vlogs to our group which keep me honest!It is that powerful element of accountability that pushes me to follow through, and as I have found through this group, that space just outside my comfort zone is where the accomplishment of real growth happens!

I joined Kevin’s program a couple of months ago, at a time when I had just launched a business. I needed a mental adjustment to make quick decisions and embrace the unknown. Joining this group couldn’t have come at a better time. I decided to tackle my fear of cold water as part of the challenge. After a build up to it, with cold showers, and being encouraged by those around me also doing the challenge, I finally had my first swim in cold waters in February. It was not only invigorating, it felt empowering. It left me tingling and wanting more. I am now working up to swimming in the sea year round. A big thank you to Kevin for his relentless positivity and encouragement.This has given me such a gift and has been a life changer.

Getting out of your comfort zone is a phrase that you hear quite a lot but that has all it has been, a phrase. Kevin has created a community around this idea that is really special. You don’t have to get out of your comfort zone alone and can draw support and also inspiration from the other people involved. The simple process of posting a video and sharing it with the community is, in itself, getting out of my comfort zone. I will be continuing to push myself this year and beyond with the help of Kevin and everyone else.

Kevin is incredible, full of energy, an inspiring man. I have joined the program a month ago because i wanted to change my life and to acquire new habits. I was so inspired and enthusiastic at the beginning that i wanted to do everything.But then i just sit down, watched few videos that Kevin uploaded and realised that it doesn’t matter from where i would start, most important to start doing something different, something out of your comfort zone! It might be small, daily routine habits that we all doing on daily basis, which i would say are most stubborn habits we have. Thank you Kevin and his wonderful program! Your inspiration and support keeps me getting out of my comfort zone! Bless you!

If you complete this course and don’t think it was worth your time and money, I will refund your full investment! No hassles.

Just email me with your completed assignments within 60 days of purchase, showing that you at least completed the course, and ask for a refund.

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