900 Case Studies

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“Measurable and Tangible Results”

What you are about to read are hundreds of real-world, actual successful case studies I have helped engineer. These are actual first-hand accounts of how various business people, professionals, salaried wage earners and even housewives and students have used my ideas, principles, philosophies and strategies to impact their businesses, lives and incomes.

I hope these case studies will animate your sense of how much really IS possible for you and your business. It will also show you the scope, breadth and depth of the profit-boosting capability I can deliver to your business. Feel free to read just one case study or all 900+ and let your creative juices run wild. It is being shared with a very limited group of individuals whom I believe will appreciate, understand, become empowered and gain motivation to action by studying the openness and candor these customers, clients and attendees to past programs of mine share.

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The manuscript is broken down into four parts:

Section One is a collection of summarized testimonials and case studies. These virtually everyone are familiar with because I use them for incorporation in many of my promotional efforts. I began with these because you probably have heard about them before

Section Two, which is quite frankly my favorite section, is a collection of randomly chosen, first-hand accounts of very specific case studies from different people I have impacted. Of particular significance in this section is the depth of explanation the respondents went into in their attempts at describing specific applications of my various principles or strategies that they implemented.

I originally wrote asking people to document the actual “true to life” successes they had personally experienced using my techniques. As appreciation for their effort, I offered a tape interview I’d done with Anthony Robbins. The breadth and scope of what they wrote overwhelmed me. I think it will impress and inspire you, also.

Section Three is a catch-all section that’s a composite of other success stories that I thought might give you some good ideas.

Finally, Section Four is a second-hand account of how other people have succeeded by following my recommendations. I hope you will make profit from read this case studies and learn more about radically change the outcome of your business.

Thanks & Godbless you.