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After register, please check user id and password inbox your email. We using 360 day affiliate cookies and give 60% commission. You just need 1 affiliate link to promote all product here 🙂

Ten simple tips to promote your affiliate link & make money:

1.Make your affiliate link short. For e.g : to

Use this short url

2.Viral share on social media ( see here : )

3.Promote with video (you can using this video we've create : a).                                             b).    c).   (Put your short affiliate link below the video)

4.Send email to all your contact ( using this simple powerful question : have you seen or hear about this? what do you             feel about this? ) or use email solo ad:

Top Ten Email Solo Ad Providers (Hot tip: Look for sellers with good ratings and a '$' symbol next to their listing)

Facebook Solo Ad Group # 1 (Request to join this free community of solo ad buyers and sellers)

Facebook Solo Ad Group # 2 (Solo ads and ad swaps community)

Ads Directory # 1 (Reed Floren's free solo ad directory)

Solo Ads Directory # 2 (Wayne Sharer's free solo ad directory)

Solo Ads Directory # 3 (Another great solo ad directory with helpful stats included)

Top 50 Solo Ad Vendors (An older listing of solo ad providers but worth checking out) (Use this when you're ready to GO BIG)

Directory Of Ezines (Charlie Page's famous solo ad directory)

Igor Solo Ads (Igor Kheifets' popular risk free solo ads!)


5.Send your short affiliate link via whatsapp personal & group

6.Use free banner ads to promote your affiliate link, click here !

7.Use this free funnel to collect your subscriber (if you don't have a list) to promote your affiliate link,  click here !

8.Write short article to review the product that you promote.

9.Promote your affiliate link using facebook ads

10.Promote your affiliate link using google ads


To Your Meaningful Success!

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