1/Headline/Subjectline Generator: 1-Click Software instantly generates a number of catchy email subject-lines or a headlines for your blog posts & emails.

2/Email Formatter App: Format your emails the right way for maximum clicks and results (and easy readability)

3/Spammy Subject Checker App: Check if your email subject-line land your email in the spam box.

4/Spam Words Checker App: Find spam words in your email that can affect delivery & opens of your email.

5/Email Extractor App: 1-Click software Extracts a list of emails from any kind of text you paste into it.

6/Email Countdown App: Insert scarcity and urgency into your emails using Countdown timers.

7/Email Magic App: Personalize your emails with the subscriber names to get more clicks and results from your emails.

8/List Cleaner App: Clean your list off bad emails in just 1-click.

9/Gmail Preview App: Instantly see how your email will appear in gmail & phone view and craft it smartly to get maximum results.

10/Email Emoji App: Insert EMOJI into your email subjects to get higher opens and results from your email.

  • ProfitSuite Storage: Unrestricted Cloud Storage 
  • ProfitSuite Webinars: Run Unlimited Video Meetings & Webinars 
  • ProfitSuite Contact: Unlimited Autoresponder Lets You Upload Subscribers And Mail 
  • ProfitSuite Funnels: Create Stunning Sales Funnels & Websites With Drag & Drop Editor 
  • ProfitSuite Design: Cloud Editor Lets You Build Stunning Graphics From Templates 

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