How to Study the Bible as a Couple

Approaching the Bible can be intimidating. We can easily feel overwhelmed or under-equipped. However, reading God’s Word is easily one of, if not THE, most important things you can do as a couple. With that said, take heart! God is faithful to make His word accessible to all who approach it willingly. In today’s episode, […]

Spiritual Life

POEMS BY B.S. DIXON: Temptation, The Trespasser, Reunion, For Jeanne

Temptation in his handswith the long fingersdwells the sourceof my discontent; and while I’m transfixedwith the stars above,plotting to steal secretsfrom the ether, he remains in the foregroundwaiting to tradehis three coinsfor my shallow eyes. The Trespasser forgive mefor trespassingin the lonely roombehind your eyes. I am buta weary stranger—not unlike yourself wandering the persistentand […]


Global Ministries abides amid cyclone

Submitted by Global Ministries When Cyclone Idai hit Mozambique and Zimbabwe last month, Rev. Marco Cable, Global Ministries Area Executive for Africa, suddenly found himself inundated with emails, texts, phone calls, and WhatsApp messages. Some came from global partners, while others came from congregations connected to Global Ministries. He has since been working diligently to […]


Singleness and Dating to the Glory of God

Dating is not something talked about a whole lot in the Bible. We can gather bits and pieces about it, but it can sometimes feel hard to discern the best paths forward in a dating relationship—especially one headed for a fierce marriage. 🙂 In this special podcast episode, we interviewed Kait Warman, a gospel-centered dating […]